In today's of reality when we are all in a hurry all the time we run and we are afraid of being late - especially relevant - the exact time. The exact time we will learn on the Internet, but it is much more convenient to have at home or in the office device that is without access to the Internet (which can be disabled, such as technical works at the provider) can receive and distribute accurate time. Is a must, if you have a a complex "Smart House" or running a small network of servers or simply workplaces for employees who want to synchronize. When all of these conditions must pay attention to our module Dzikan-1, which is designed to receiving and transmitting an accurate time reference «stratum-1." The module receives the reference time directly from satellites GPS. GPS-receiver mounted in the module is able to supply a signal PPS (Pulse per second).  PPS-impulse is repeated once per per second with very high accuracy, and can be read out ntpd. The module is connected to the Ethernet.

Dzikan-1 works in two modes:

1. Broadcast mode:

Every minute, sends a message to about the exact time. Any device can accept it and adapt. It acts on all devices in the subnet.

2. The answer to NTP requests.

Suitable for small systems - no more than 20 devices.

Module Dzikan-1 - a hardware NTP - server "stratum 1", in a very compact form - comes in a 3U on DIN rail.







title The value
Rated supply voltage, V 12
Power consumption, not more, W 6
Permissible deviation of supply voltage, % +15... - 15
Communication interface with other devices Ethernet 10BASE-T
Weight, no more, g 120
Periodicity updating information from the satellites no more, s 10
Overall dimensions of, mm (VxShxD) 89.4x53.4x65.2