Ethernet - a special technology of packet data is used to build computer networks. Previously, coaxial cable, the data rate has been low. At the moment, replaced by new technologies - twisted pair and fiber optic cables. Which greatly increased the speed of information in the network. Now the information is sent and received by multiple devices at the same time.

The most famous types of Ethernet:

Xerox Ethernet - original technology. For connecting the coaxial cable used. The maximum data rate of 3 Mbit / s.
StarLan - first modification, which uses twisted pair. Top speed of 1 Mbit / s.
10BASE5 - a first modification to the speed of up to 10 Mbit / s. Was used coaxial cable.
StarLan10 - first became available to work at speeds up to 10 Mbit / s. When using twisted pair. Later evolved into 10BASE-T, which used 4-wire twisted pair
100BASE-T - a group of modifications using data twisted pair (category 3 or 5) with the speed of up to 100 Mbit / s.
100BASE-FX - the data is transmitted over fiber with speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s. The maximum segment length is limited only by the cable attenuation (up to 10 km).
1000BASE-T - speed of 1000 Mbit / s. achieved using twisted pair type 5e where the work involved four pairs, each of which passes to 250 Mbit / s. Segment length of 100 m.
1000BASE-LH - transfers up to 1000 Mbit / s. over fiber at distances up to 100 km.